Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Human



The Gurhal System is inhabited by five primary lifeforms: Humans, Newmen, Beasts, Casts, and Seed. The Humans were responsible for creating the Newman, Beast, and Cast races. SEED acts as an antagonistic force in the game.


This is the most prosperous and important race in the Gurhal system. Humans are well-balanced and possess all-purpose skills. Since they are not weak to any one thing, humans can handle almost any job. On the other hand, they do not excel in any one particular area. Humans mainly live on Parum.

Even though Humans are the most prosperous race, their social status is not that high. At the end of the 500 Year War, each planet had a race that won the right to rule the planet. At that point, Humans simply chose to coexist with the other races. The other races did not praise humans as being the original race, but thought of them as being the "general race with poor abilities."

Source: PSO-World




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3 Responses to Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Human

  1. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I would like to take back my previous comments on this game. I was totally wrong and foolish.  Me want PSU!

  2. Aaron says:

    i knew schuey would come around. Welcome to our Universe… 

  3. memnoch444 says:

    Hopefully PSU provides me with as much joy as PSO did for the Dreamcast!!!!!!! Yes and welcome to the PS Universe Schuey.

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