Prey is Stalking Me


Prey, 11 years in the making, 1 month away…

Now recently I had been thinking about buying a new FPS just because I was in the mood for an FPS.  Prey caught my eye as a title that could fill that void but that was about as far as I took it, instead I went out and purchased Half Life 2 for the Xbox Classic and play it BC style on my 360.  Now two things happened, one is that I have been so spoiled by the 360 that I found it difficult to go back to the previous-gen even though HL2 is a top-flight game, so I returned it.  Secondly, rumour has it a 360 version of HL2 is in the works so I will hold off on it for now.


The best looking faceplate we will never see

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I am playing with my pals Cru and TormentX and they are talking about how Prey looks "too much like DOOM", and I counter that it uses the same engine.  But I was curious so I wanted to take a closer look at what they were speaking of.  Today I happened accross a story about the Prey website was now live so I sauntered over to check it out.  There was a link to see the trailer so I checked it out, the first thing I hear caught my attention and solidified my desire for this game…


The Legend Himself!  Art Bell

Art Bell is the infamous host of Coast to Coast AM, a late-night radio talk show that deals with high-stangeness and paranormal activity.  I would lay awake many a night listening to Art and his guests tell the most facinating and scary stories!  Now I discover that he and his radio show will play an integral part in the story of Prey as the Tommy’s (the game’s lead character) link to Earth.  Click HERE to read more about Art’s inclussion into the game.  So now I am investigating the voicework for the title, they mention that Michael Grayeyes is preforming the voice of the main charecter, so I dig a little further…


Saskatchewan’s own: Michael Grayeyes

…well I find out that stage and screen actor Michael Grayeyes hails from my home province of Saskatchewan, raised not more than 40 miles from where I grew up!  I am always a sucker for a local boy doing good so now I have another reason to check out this game.  If you want to learn more about Michael and his work check out his official website.

Prey is also comming out with a slick Collector’s Edition and pre-order bonus which you can see in detail by clicking HERE.

Well there you have it, I will be interested to see ho is picking up this game.  As it stands right now it looks like I will be.  If you are curious how it plays, a demo will be made available over Marketplace on June 22nd with the final game hitting retail on July 10th.  Till then stay frosty!




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7 Responses to Prey is Stalking Me

  1. Aaron says:

    u better pray that Prey is good

  2. Sean R. says:

    I’m more than likely picking this one up.  The demo is out on the 22nd so that’ll probably make my mind up for me.

  3. Kevin says:

    Art Bell?!  Does that mean we’ll be seeing Lizard People in Prey?   :p

  4. I says:

    That faceplate is pretty sweet.  We’ll see once the demo is out if my heart can take playing this…I’m such a wimp, lol.

  5. Adam W says:

    that faceplate is sweet

  6. Yulia says:

    yep HL2 is in working for both xbox 360 and PS3 so expect to see it soon early next year. also PREY will ROCK! demo june 22 yes! :D
       *Game On* 

  7. Brad says:

    Like the rest of ’em, demo will decide it for me.

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