The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War: Part 1


Yes, there is women on Sera

Gears of War is THE most anticipated title this year on the Xbox 360.  I have been watching it’s development for nearly a year now.  A while back I promised to do something regular on GoW, so now that E3 is clearly behind us I can focus on the year ahead, and part of that focus is The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War.

Nothing to complicated here, the ‘Roadie Run’ will put up screenshots, concept art, links, or whatever I can find to shead light on this title.  Remeber that I also have a Gears of War dedicated photo album you can check anytime up above.  So lets see what I have Run across latley:

  • I have a cool concept art above of one of the military personal on the planet Sera.  Goes to show you that not all the COG’s are beefed up, hulking men.
  • Watch Gears of War: The Race to E3 by clicking HERE.
  • Final box art was recently revealed!  Check it out below

gears box

Be back soon with more Gears goodness.






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One Response to The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War: Part 1

  1. Aaron says:

    i just cant wait to ride in Cliffy B’s mine carts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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