Free Microsoft Points! Inquire Within…


Microsoft Points

Everyone wants MS points to spend on 360 goodies such as themes, gamerpics, and Xbox Live Arcade titles.  The thing is wouldn’t you rather do it for a lower cost?  Here is what I have done recently to cut costs on MS points, and while its not compleatly free, every little bit counts:

  • Here in Canada we have Superstore, it is like your typical Wal-Martesque store and it sells 360’s and said goods.  Superstore’s also have gas stations that over 5 cents store credit for every litre of gas purchased.  What I do is save these coupons for several weeks and apply them to the purchase of points cards.  This translates into super cheap MS points which translates into more 360 fun.
  • Sales.  Watch for sales, recently I ran accross one at Toys R Us that had 360 peripherals (including points card) for 20% off.  I purchase a couple of the cards and saved some bucks.

I am always looking for a good deals, if you have seen any particularly good ones or have other ideas to save money on 360 gear, I would like to here about them.





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6 Responses to Free Microsoft Points! Inquire Within…

  1. Adam W says:


  2. Brad says:

    Im just a poor white boy trying to make it in the hood….ok, im lying. Anyone wanna buy me some MPs? Im still a poor white boy!

  3. Sean R. says:

    That’s a good idea.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I hate paying lots of money for these points.  But I keeping doing so anyways.
    Thanks again for the COD2 last night.  Lots of fun. 

  4. I says:

    Good ideas.  I’m going to need a lot of points once the new arcade games start coming out!

  5. Fenyx says:

    Hahahaha BD’s a poor white boy, riiiiight.  Those are some good ideas, but I’m like Sean I just keep spending those MS points like they’re going outta style.

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