360 X-Press #16: The Pre E3 Edition

Well E3 week is in full swing on Xbox Live  today, and as I write this I am waiting for the Test Drive Unlimited demo to download (takes the better part of an hour) and await tommorow’s onslaught of news from the Pre-E3 press conferences from the 3 major console manufacturers.  Really I am only interested in the one (need you guess which that is), I hope that it will be made available for my viewing pleasure when I get home from work tommorow.
As I look at the titles that I am interested in purchasing in the near future, it looks like very few will be arriving quickly.  MotoGP 2006 is still about 5 weeks away with Test Drive Unlimited coming this ‘Summer’.  CHROMEHOUNDS and Dead Rising looks to be coming out Mid-Summer now.  Fortunatly I own games that have a lot of playability.  Call of Duty 2 will be receiving new map treatment (9 in total by early Summer!), and I have started to attack PGR3‘s Platinum level.  GRAW is always great as is DOA4.  But sometime i demand a new game in my collection, and it looks like UNO in Xbox Live Arcade will have to fit the bill in the short term. 
Fall leading to winter will be absolutly crazy with awesome titles, I am not sure how I will be able to find time to play them all!  It looks like Phantasy Star Universe is slipping to 2007 so that will buy me time to play Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Splinter Cell Double Agent.  We still dont know all the great titles coming our way so who knows what will happen, either way you look at it, it is probably the greatest time to be a gamer!
Also a note for those who are interested, I am an Xbox Ambassador, send me a friend request or a message if you need a friendly gamer this week!  That is all for this edition, there will be lots of stuff to see and do this week, so get out there and see what there is to see!  Stay frosty!


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