Microsoft’s Pre-E3 Press Conference: 5 More Sleeps! – Featuring: Viva Pinata


Viva Pinata

Though the Xbox 360 is often associated with mature gamers, it doesn’t mean that they are going to leave the kids behind.  Many of us gamers who have been enjoying games over the years now have little gamers of our own, now it appears we may have the just the game to share with them that doesnt include a pile of messy headshots.  Viva Pinata should appeal to young and old alike and give us our first real family title for the 360.
E3 wil be the games public unveiling.  I have also linked to the homepage above so you can learn all about the game, its characters, as well as the tie-in TV series ariving this fall on FOX Kids.  Last but least, this game is being developed by legendary development house Rare, whose trackrecord is second to none.  This colorful title will be a bonified hit, watch for it this fall, but get a good look next week!


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