360 X-Press #14: The Spend Edition

Hey everybody!  Welcome back to my ‘Haunted House of Xbox’.  I am your (SuperG)host with the most, representing the west side (of Canada), giving mad props to all my GamerFriends and Blog visitors!  What up!
…anyways enough of that, of course if you are reading this welcome to the 14th edition of the 360 X-Press, as always I am here to give you some of my thoughts and insights on the wide world of Xbox.  I guess I would like to lead of with something I just got back from doing a few minutes ago and that which I was doing is nothing really unusual and I am a little to quick to do, blowing money (more like credit, but that is another story.)



First of I stopped by my local Future Shop (Canadian version of Best Buy) and picked up Season 2.0 of Battlestar Galactica (yes it is 2.0, the rest of season 2 will be on another DVD set).  While there I was sorly tempted to pick up the wireless doohicky that plugs into the rear of the 360 as I plan to one day have a 360 on Live via wireless on my main floor.  Future Shop was offering to give a $30 gift card with its purchase ($130 CDN).  Seeing as I will need it someday I thought it would be a great time to do so, but I fought off the urge…



Next I went to Toys R Us to buy a B-day gift for my son.  As always I went to the electronics section to poke my nose around.  Once there I see that they have a 20% off sale on all 360 accesories!  So what do I do, I pick up a Wireless Controller, a new Faceplate, and 1250 MS ca-ching!  Apparently I can only deny myself for so long.  Oh well, I will just batten down the hatches on my wallet again (fingers crossed).


New faceplate

Well if you managed to get through that tirade, I have some other things to talk about:

  • As I wrote about previously in my Achievment of the Week, I got my 24hr achievment in Zuma.  Just one example of many of the addictivness of the Xbox Live Arcade.  Now lets see some new titles!
  • Finished GRAW on hard a little over a week ago.  More on that in an upcomming AotW.
  • With the onset of the PGR3 tournement and the newly available ‘Speedpack’, my attentions have once again returned this fabulous title.  I am attacking the Platinum Series and I am off to a great start, even scoring some Plats’ in Cone Challanges.  Wish me luck!
  • With the recent announcment of Phantasy Star Universe coming to the 360, stay tune to the Haunted House for continuing coverage with some help from my good friends at PSO-World.
  • If you are a fan of the games be sure to see the motion picture Silent Hill.

To close out here are some Quick Hitters:

  • Tomb Raider Legend, welcome back Laura!
  • XBL Marketplace, keep on truckin’
  • Bring me Moto GP 2006 and Test Drive Unlimited ASAP!
  • Welcome back Virtua Tennis!

And that is all for this week.  Next time I am sure all I will talk about is E3 (as we all will).  Till then stay frosty!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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8 Responses to 360 X-Press #14: The Spend Edition

  1. Fenyx says:

    PSO could be fun, I played it on, was it dreamcast?  I think it was, anyway I think I stopped because of the fees.  That’s why I’m stuck on Oblivion, as much as I’d like to play FF I can’t justify paying the extra fees.

  2. Robert says:

    Great choice on the faceplate, SuperGhost. Ironically, it is the exact faceplate that I purchased when I purchased my Xbox 360.

  3. Aaron says:

    all that Ghost and u didnt get ur windows tinted ….whats wrong with you yo …lol

  4. I says:

    I bought the "doohickey" at launch…so much easier that way. 
    lol  I’ve been debating a faceplate change and just can’t decide
    on one.  I may end up getting a couple skins over at DecalGirl so
    I can redecorate on demand.  : )  I haven’t seen the second
    half of BSG Season 2.0 but I am looking forward to it so much.  I
    heart BSG!

  5. Brad says:

    Tell your son i said Happy B-Day!

  6. Sean R. says:

    Always nice to meet fellow Canadians.  Where you from?  Is your NHL team in the playoffs?  Mine isn’t.  >:( 
    I have yet to watch BSG and from what I hear it is quite good so I guess I should get a move on it.  Hope you enjoy it. 
    I also can’t wait to play Test Drive Unlimited.

  7. Xbudz says:

    I’m a fellow Canadian as well!  Living in Ottawa.    Nice to see more and more X-blogs!

  8. Debbie says:

    I can’t get in the hype for the new BSG.I adore the original and I think the new serie is way over… Well, only my opinion. :-P*have a nice weekend*

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