Silent Hill


I went to see the Silent Hill motion picture last night.  I came away with the overall good feeling that they did right by the franchise with this movie.  A movie can never do exactly as a game, but Silent Hill is as close as it can come.  I found that the movie married elements of the series so even if you have not played all the games, you could still recognize elements from others.  So overall, I liked this movie.  I would recommend it to fans of the series that they wont be dissapointed.  In closing I will make two more points: 1)  I really didn’t find this movie too scary. 2) Pyramid Head Rocks!!!


Pyramid Head




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6 Responses to Silent Hill

  1. Aaron says:

    still looks like one of the better game movies out there ….cant wait for the dead or alive movie …….lol

  2. Sean R. says:

    My brother saw this and said it was really good.  I’m seeing it next Friday.  Can’t wait.

  3. Wayne says:

    I’ve never been a big horror movie fan, but my wife is really interested in seeing this. In fact, she didn’t kknow that there was a game/movie relationship so I showed her some game trailers as well as the movie trailer.

  4. SCHUEY F1 says:

    From what I have read they said it wasn’t too scary either, which is too

  5. Xbudz says:

    Pyramid Head looks cool.

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