Phinally! Phantasy Star Universe!


What started it all…

Funny, we were just talking about the Sega’s Dreamcast earlier in the week and its greatness.  One of its greatest games was Phantsy Star OnlinePSO arrived in stores just as SEGA was announcing that it was ceasing production of the DC.  That didn’t stop many of us from rushing out to play what was the first MMORPG (some might argue the first ‘M" but I will lwave it there anyways) available on a console.  We were treated a fantastic online experience where you and three other friends were free to roam and explore and fight through four beautiful ‘dungeons’ and discover exciting and rare treasures.  It was at the time the greatest game I had ever played.  What seamed simple on the surface had a such layers of depth that allowed for continual game play, and continue we did!

All good things must come to an end.  With the DC’s discontinuation, its spiritual succesor ‘The XBOX’ came into our homes.  The Xbox allowed DC and SEGA fans to move on and continue to enjoy gaming without skipping a beat.  Then more good news, it wasn’t long before we discovered that Phantasy Star Online would be making  its way to the Xbox complete with a whole new episode!  What even made this more special was that because of Xbox Live we could now use voice-chat.  Once PSO: Episode I & II arrived I spent hundreds of hours back on Ragol, hunting, exploring, chatting, and having a blast.  But again I had to move on as the Xbox was demanding with so many great games, I had to move on.  From time to time I would return just to partake on one last journey…



And here we go again!

Yesterday I went to Torment’s blog and lo and behold what do I see, SEGA announces that Phantasy Star Universe will be coming out on the Xbox 360 this fall!  I could not believe it!  Here is the lowdown on your next addiction:


  • Epic Story: Phantasy Star Universe offers a suspenseful single player adventure that fans have been clamoring for.
  • Phantasy Star Brand Heritage: Since 1988, the franchise has evolved, and produced seven series to date – building itself as one of the most well established RPG franchises.
  • Real-time battles where players choose their own strategies: Choose from over 200 weapon variations in over 20 weapon categories for melee, technique, or ranged-type combat. Players can also select numerous Photon Arts to defeat enemies.
  • World Class Score: Soundtrack produced by premier orchestras and vocals from Poland, Hollywood, and New York.
  • Online Gameplay: Offering the Best of Both Worlds
    • Multiplayer: Create a squad of up to six players to explore the universe and conquer quests.
    • Endless gameplay: In addition to over 40 hours of offline gameplay, gamers can spend endless hours online customizing characters, searching for rare items, leveling up, and joining friends for exhilarating new quests.
  • Variety in transportation: Player-controlled vehicles offer a new type of gameplay for the Phantasy Star franchise.
  • Character Customization: Go beyond standard customization for your character with precise measurements, an endless color palette, and outlandish outfits.
  • Massive enemies: Over 70 unique enemy species, totaling over 220 enemy variations.
  • Wow!  The only thing that scares me about this title is that there are SO MANY GREAT TITLES DUE THIS FALL.  It is going to be insane, I hope I am up for the challange.  I would like to here from you if you have had some PSO experiences, leave me a comment and tell me all about it, or just weigh in with your thought on this title.  Either way you cut it, yesterdays news was very welcome and I will be counting the days.   For more news on all things Phantasy Star, check out PSO-World.





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    4 Responses to Phinally! Phantasy Star Universe!

    1. SCHUEY F1 says:

      I think if the graphics are mind blowing I don’t think Í’d bother.  If I’m going to play a game that is quite repetitive it better look good!

    2. Aaron says:

      Oh… Schuey this is one game were repetitivness is ok and coming form me thats got to mean something. Plus being a new game on new systems with more power should = a lot more to do…. PSU will own u

    3. Debbie says:

      I am really curious about it. Let’s see how they transport this Universe to the 360.*peace out*

    4. Xbudz says:

      I’m not crazy about any monthly fee.

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