Xbox Live Marketplace Chief Interviewed

Source:  XBOXIC

Xbox Live Marketplace

Gaming bloggers VGM Daily conducted an interview with Aaron Greenberg, the guy in charge of Xbox Live Marketplace at Xbox, and yikes did he have a lot of news to share with them.

The most interesting things to me were discussion of possible plans to rerelease Rare’s N64-based intellectual property like Goldeneye 007 onto Xbox Live Arcade (no it’s not happening), plans to distribute Xbox Live Diamond cards in other markets as well (is it even possible here in Europe where most retailers you’d have to deal with are focused on or even limited to national markets?) and the fact that Microsoft is actually considering to run a free version of Xbox Live Gold in the future where you ‘pay’ by viewing ads.

Interviewer Ryan himself summarized to Xboxic that the complete podcast includes, but is not limited to:

  • 50% of users are connected to Xbox Live. And 85% of those connected are downloading content
  • More downloads on Live (ten million so far) than iTunes had on launch
  • Talk about Cloning Clyde
  • How an indie developer gets a game onto Xbox Live Marketplace
  • Addresses the criticisms of Blizzard COO Paul Sims and Arena Net Co-Founder Jeff Strain. Explains how the open LSP model allows for MMO’s to easily be on Live
  • Over 80 High-Def games available by June
  • New big update for Live this Spring
  • Partnership with Epic records. High Def music video’s and play the artists of these video’s on Live
  • No movies are planned for download onto Live at the moment. A partnership with Paramount on MI III and Nacho Libre is announced (content, and play against Jack Black)
  • TV content is a possibility in the future
  • New information about the Direct TV partnership is coming soon
  • Comments on Wi-Fi and HUB
  • Xbox Live Marketplace is going to see its own major “virtual console-like” announcement at E3, and it’ll be rolled out BEFORE Nintendo’s Revolution even hits the market.
  • Plans to bring Rare’s Goldeneye 007 to Xbox Live Marketplace
  • Advertising on Marketplace and in games
  • It’s possible some day gamers could see an ad enabled free (and full) version of Xbox Live
  • Diamond card IS coming to other markets
  • Xbox Live @ E3

Listen to the full interview at VGM Daily, they were even nice enough to include a full minute-by-minute program for skipping to the interesting parts.

Wow, lots of interesting pieces of information!  I look forwrd to listening to the the podcast.




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