Achievment of the Week: Kameo – Elements of Power


Beaten Queen Thyra (Co-Op)
Defeated Queen Thyra in a Co-Op Quest


This past week the online co-op patch was released for Kameo and it is totally free!  Being able to play the co-op over live really gives this game more legs.  I also hope that it is another excuse for fence sitters to give this game a look.  I have said several times in the past that Kameo is the 360’s most underrated title. 

I chose this achievment as this boss battle is a lot of fun, as is the entire co-op adventure.  The entire co-op does only take a few hours to beat, but if you want to get the ‘A’ rank achiements, you could be spending a long time here.  It was nice to have the opportunity to revisit this game with a fresh perspective.  Be sure to beat the solo adventure so that you unlock all the co-op levels.  Have fun!




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2 Responses to Achievment of the Week: Kameo – Elements of Power

  1. Aaron says:

    yeah we should try it some time ………….lol

  2. I says:

    I really hope the added Live co-op gives people more incentive to pick up this game. 

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