Ghost’s Recon: Battlefield Suppremacy


Advanced Warfighter Boomstick

IGN has posted an interesting interview with Christian Allan, the multiplayer lead for GRAW.  Here are a few quick excerpts from the interview.  To read the antire article, click HERE.

"With multiplayer team games, drones and tactics give advantages to teams that work together…the team that uses it, along with good communication and tactical movement, will dominate the team that ignores the drone and teamwork."

Sounds like a challenge…

"One of my favorites is a variation on the classic Siege game mode. You set up one smaller team as defending a base, and then have the larger team attack. The key difference is that you turn on the helicopter option in Team Territory. This gives the team that controls the most zones (thus the defending team) an AI-controlled attack chopper that patrols the map, hunting enemies."


"Well, you can play Co-Op with up to 16 players with up to four per Xbox 360. There are customizable Co-op modes that are available on each of the 10 multiplayer maps, and a unique Co-Op campaign mode, allowing you to take on all new missions designed specifically for cooperative play, which takes place after the single player campaign ends…While the Mexico City campaign is only available in single player, all of the multiplayer maps are available in Co-Op game modes, and once you finish the single player game, you are ready to start the new Co-Op campaign, set in Nicaragua."

Hello Co-op!

Well I am wondering if this game can still get any better?  Because it is looking AWESOME!  I think I might have to start a GRAW countdown…



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2 Responses to Ghost’s Recon: Battlefield Suppremacy

  1. Aaron says:

    sounds great….. bring it on i say

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    GRAW is going to rule.  I hope we can get some good games going. Hopefully we will have myself, SG, Cru, Torment, Regun, backdraft, Jamy, TBob, CA, Havoc and Loki!

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