Ninety-Nine Nights


Ninety-Nine Nights

Here is a good look at the box art for the highly anticipated Ninety-Nine Nights (N3) which will be invading Japan this spring. has some nice screen pics up, also it looks like a playable demo will be available for download in March for the Asian region.  Looking for word when this will be available in North America.  Hopefully not too long as it looks very cool!



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2 Responses to Ninety-Nine Nights

  1. Aaron says:

    i remeber seeing this game in playable form some where on the net , ook like a real cheesy hack and slash. hope the game proves me wrong , but that dosent happen often with games

  2. Adam W says:

    talk to me ghost and i will teach you how to get this demo on march 1st when it comes out in japan

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