Gears of War: Know Your History – Part I

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"It’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be hairy, it’s gonna be scary!" –CliffyB interview on Epileptic Gaming #81 about Gears of War
It’s Good to Play Together
The past couple of weeks we GEARHEADS have been basking in the glow of CliffyB’s Tokyo Game Show Gears of War presentation, of which I spoke about in my last feature. Now we did not actually get to see it in action at TGS, but CliffyB has expanded more on how co-op will be implemented in Gears.

First of all, the entire campaign mode will be playable in cooperation with a friend. Not only can you play entirely through with a buddy, it can be done either via split-screen or over Xbox Live. Sounds great doesn’t it! But were not even done yet. What is unique about Gears co-op mode is that while you are playing, you can invite a friend in at anytime to join you in your mission. While you are playing as the lead character, Marcus Fenix, your best friend, Dominique, is fighting along side you every step of the way. Need some human help, invite a friend to fill Dom’s shoes!

Co-op mode is just part of this games greatness, and when fighting a war it is always good to have some help from your friends. But what are we fighting for? The next few instalments in our regular Gears of War feature will delve into the history of this conflict. I present to you part one of Know Your History.

Gears of War: Know Your History – Part I

"Mixing design aesthetics of Old World Europe and the Industrial Revolution, we created a look for our environments that speaks to the beauty that the world once had but doesn’t disregard that technology is part of that world as well" –Gears of War: Destroyed Beauty

Sera has endured millennia of conflict, teetering on the brink of a world war that guaranteed Armageddon.
Humanity pulled back from this act of self-destruction and evolved into something nobler. For a time, the hush of peace blanketed the land.
There were still problems: skirmishes, crime, debates over liberties, and a demand for energy that outstripped Sera’s reserves of petroleum and nuclear fuels.

There was, however, hope.

Sera’s cities became sparkling examples for future generations that this was a new Golden Age.

…or so we all thought

Next for Gears of War @ News0r: We continue our look into the history behing Gears.

Gears of War: Know Your History can also be seen at News0r.


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