Dead or Alive 4: THE Killer App!

Details are begining to emerge on Team Ninja’s highly anticipated fighter for the Xbox 360Gamespot has posted this weekend a detailed preview of Dead or Alive 4, and if you were not foaming at the mouth before, than you better get yourself a towel.  Here is a breakdown of the latest details.  Thanks to Gamespot for the info and DOA Central for the breakdown:
  • Story:
  • The game will pick up shortly after the ending seen in DOA3 Helena had taken control of DOATECH.
  • The sexy and mysterious female wrestler, La Mariposa (or “the butterfly” in Spanish), is an ex-DOATECH employee
  •  Elliot, in the tournament for personal reasons as well as to prove himself to his mentor, Gen Fu, who won’t be included in the story mode this time out (although he is still a playable character in the other modes)
  •  Kokoro, the long haired beauty seen in the first trailer is tied to Fame Douglas, the randy founder of DOATECH who has a stable of six mistresses on the side.
  • the ninjas, Kasumi and Hayate, who are banding together to take out DOATECH as payment for the brainwashing and cloning that’s been inflicted on them.
  • Online:
  • beefier ranking system
  • spectator mode
  • Your house will serve as the lobby your friends will see when you host a game and serve as an area your crew can come hang out in with their avatars.
  • earn currency when you play online in the game and then let you spend the money in Zack’s Shop, an online-only option that lets you buy items for your avatar and house.
  • Gameplay:
  • the matches felt faster. a faster feel to the game and this fits into the more visceral and aggressive slant that’s being put on the fighting.
  • counters weren’t quite as easy to do.
  • You’ll be able to grab foes from the ground after being knocked down, kick them when they’re on the ground, and perform some interesting new juggles and throws.
  • much more you’ll use the backgrounds. if you time your move properly you can actually dodge the cars. multitasking and timing skills needed to avoid incoming vehicles.
  • Audio/Video:
  • DOA4’S visuals are, in a word, outstanding.
  • version we saw was running at 1080i and needs to be seen on an HDTV to be believed.
  • In some cases, such as the wrestling ring, the audio will reflect the state of your fight, as the crowd will react to what’s happening.
  • Now lets all have a look at some of the stages of DOA4:



    Viva Las Vegas?



    Ocean-Side Market



    Dojo part 1



    Dojo part 2



    The Squared Circle



    Jurassic Park (How did we get here?)



    DOATEC part 1



    DOATEC part 2

    Well that is a lot to absorb.  Lots of info, lots of beautiful pics!  Now all we need is the game.  Lets all hope that it makes the 360 launch!




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5 Responses to Dead or Alive 4: THE Killer App!

  1. Adam W says:

    i am counting the days

  2. Nicky says:

    the squared circle could be fun, lol!chromehounds pictures r pretty too, I like big guns…!!..have a good day! Nicky

  3. Aaron says:

    Great game yes, KILLER APP no, but i still cant wait for it

  4. SCHUEY F1 says:

    Its going to be great, but I have to agree with Torment about it not being a killer app.

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