The Big Trade Off

…Well it was for me anyway.  Today I decided to thin the ranks so to speak.  I traded in seven games today at EB to help fund my XBOX 360 purchase this November.  So here is a list of the games that I voted off the island:
  • Forza Motorsport:  A big gun in anyone’s library, probably the best racing game on the planet.  In the end though it was not the game for me as my heart lies with the Gotham series of racers.  May it find its way to someone that will appreciate its greatness
  • Ford Racing 3:  I don’t know what Torment was thinking when he made me buy this game.  At a lil’ bit o’ fun with it.
  • Worms 3D: A great franchise with great flaws.  I hope Team 17 can worm their way back to my heart again someday
  • Full Spectrum Warrior:  I hardly played yee.  Great fun in training and as far as I got
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein:  Returned to EB (actually got this copy fre from Best Buy!).  Great game, and Torment made a bunch of us buy this one well after the fact, then abandoned it after one night!
  • Beyond Good and Evil:  A great game that slipped through the cracks, again I hope this one finds its way to a good home.
  • World Championship Poker:  Great game, not enough play.
  • Enter the Matrix:  Actually not traded in because my brother XBONK offered to purchase 🙂

Some games close to getting cut but survived another day like:  Obscure, Oddworld Stranger, and Phantom Dust.  All procedes from the trade-in went to my 360 preorder.  At the same time I also pre-orderd four 360 games!  Here is the list:

  • Project Gotham Racing 3:  Will be the best racing game EVER!!!
  • Perfect Dark Zero:  Will live uo to the hype.  Mark my words.
  • Dead or Alive 4:  see PGR3 description, except ‘fighter’.
  • Ghost Recon Adanced Warfighter:  Gotta get Recon!

My only worry is that half of those games may not make launch.  I am hoping that this is wrong and that all these games will be under my 360 tree!  Just over a couple of months away! w00t!!!



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11 Responses to The Big Trade Off

  1. Nicky says:

    cant cut out Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath. tho very silly I cant wait to see it myself. I wonder if Abe is in it… great lists tho! got rid of the old and in with the new, yay! take care! Nickylove that gears of war trailer!

  2. Aaron says:

    #1 I DIDNT MAKE SUPERGHOST BUY FORD RACING 3 , he used some voodoo spell to make me go out and buy that crappy game.#2 I didnt make anyone buy RTCW , i played the game like 2 years ago for like 6 months nonstop, so yes I did abandon the game after one night after going back to it because its was just to old and a bit on the LAGGY side for me . Oh yeah everyone else either had it or got it for free so i didnt make anyone go buy it.#3 Superghost- its about time you put some of those 85 or so games u dont play to good use. Some trade-in credit down on ur 360 is some credit well spent.#4 "Havocs voice" to u superghost#5 All in all ghost good post

  3. Aaron says:

    check superghost APRIL archives for this statement on his blog….. Ford Racing 3: "Respect me!" Hello! I am Ford Racing 3. You may have heard of me or maybe my two older brothers. But dont let those other two guys sully my reputation though. They were not as sophisticated as me. They usually only came over to just play with you for awhile, maybe anger you a bit, then leave. I let you play with others all over the world and if I must say, I look pretty good while I do it! If you don’t have LIVE, that is no problem. I have a very extensive single player experience. I am not gonna fool you. I am no PGR2 or RSC2, but you know what? You have already played those games to the point where that charge of excitment is not there anymore, that newness. Also, you can have me over for little more than the price of a rental! What a deal I am. On that note I will say that I am not without my problems. I am a little floaty, my soundtrack is poor, and somepeople cannot select the audio menu because it can freeze me up. Overall though, I am more than worth the price of admission. When big daddy Forza arrives in a month, you may never think of me again, and I understand that, but let hang out for the next month and have a little fun! Now i did what Ghost………………LOL

  4. Adam W says:

    ghost, ghost, ghost you r a funny man. Obscure, you should have gotton rid of it. Oh and i am glad i wasn’t tricked into buying ford racing 3. To be honest you could trade in all those old games of yours and you would have a free xbox 360 instead of a bunch of old games covered in dust that you will never play again.

  5. Aaron says:

    LOL……………..i still luv ya man

  6. Patrick says:


  7. Your Mom is Hot says:

    Yeah I just want to be cool and write in your blog. I have no comments to put in your blog except TormentX talks too much. Way tooo much!

  8. Aaron says:

    I love u to CA

  9. SCHUEY F1 says:

    You should really only keep the best of the best games. You could easily purge 75% of your game library!

  10. Unknown says:

    Ghost, Ghost, Ghost…you cut me deep.Not only did you further alienate me from 360-land, but you got rid of a game we had in common and we just talked about playing…(poker).Where you guys at? How come we no gamble no mo? Or have you all gone in for that REAL money stuff…in an effort to fund your 360’s.gamble only what you can afford to, i can’t afford to lose my original xbox.:)as for obscure, don’t rid it yet until we’ve played it together!-

  11. Unknown says:

    Oh yeah, and don’t forget the illustrious Tommy Douglas will be buying most of your 360………..:)

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