Xbox 360: Price$ for Periheral$ and What Nots

I found this post in a comment for a story found at  Here is a possible list of peripheral prices as posted by somebody who had there hands on a retailers price sheet:
wireless controller – $50
wired controller – $40
mem card – $35
plug & charge – $20
s video cable – $30
vga cable – $40
faceplate – $20
x360 live 12 month sub – $50
x360 live starter kit – $70
live headset – $20
remote – $30
“these are from a price sheet at retailer x”
Very interesting, need to scrape up more pennies it looks like.  Also of Xbox 360 interest:
-That Square is not only developping FF11.
-The fan of the xbox360 will be variable, and during playing movie will be very quiet less noise than the actual xbox.
-It possible to Turn “ON” the xbox360 with the controller.
-Videochat whit 8 people with minigames
-The xbox 360 will come with a hd cable with a adaptor for normal TV
Even more interesting!  Story also says prices may be out within 2 weeks !!! Keep your eyes pealed.


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2 Responses to Xbox 360: Price$ for Periheral$ and What Nots

  1. Patrick says:

    Milestone!!! EK, lol

  2. Adam W says:

    scotchy scotchy scotch i love scotch

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