Forza Nation

Here on Planet XBOX we have been fortunate to have played some of the finest racing games ever concieved.  Project Gotham Racing 2 stands as one of the finest arcade racers of all time with an online component that was second to none.  Rallisport Challenge 2 is rally racing at its most fun.  A georgeous game that looks as good as it plays, a true classic.  What has been missing is the Sim Racer, well in a few short hours we will have the sim racer of our dreams:  Forza Motorsport!

What about this Forza?  What’s the Deal?  Well I have compiled a list of what I am looking forward to with this racer:

  • 230+ cars from over 40 manufacturers
  • 40+ tracks with pit stops
  • 150 companies supplying 500+ upgrade components
  • 8 racers, 1700 scoreboards via LIVE
  • The Drivatar
  • Unparalleled physics engine
  • …and we are just scratching the surface

It looks like Forza will have something for everyone.  I am especially looking forward to trading paint will all by LIVE buddies, designing the look of my car, and buying, selling, and trading cars and parts with people far and wide.  We are also going to have clan support!  There really is so much to look forward to and I could go on and on, but at this point I will just wait patiently for the game, than play the crap out of it, then I will come back here and share some thoughts on the game.

– SG



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One Response to Forza Nation

  1. sasha says:

    Wooo! Regina. I live in Regina. Sometimes.And I know nothing about X box. It’s uncany how much we have in common, isn’t it?Silent Hill is a creepy game, though. It gave me nightmares for about ten minutes…-Sasha

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